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Healing Sessions

  • $35 for 30-minute session
  • $70 for 1-hour session
  • Sessions are be recorded (for your purposes only) and sent you to you via email afterwards.

I’m honored to be part of your healing and awakening journey. Read on to understand what I offer in my healing sessions.

Empathic Reading

What you think is the issue is often not the issue. I tap into your energy field, penetrate the shadow self and find the true root cause of any issue you’re dealing with. Root issues can include:

  • Past life karmic cycles
  • Unconscious mental and emotional patterns guiding your outcomes in life
  • Chakra imbalances
  • Energetic chords linking you to other people or entities

Once the root shadow issue has come to light, we move on to healing and integrating this aspect into the present-moment version of yourself. The effects of this can include but aren’t limited to:

  • Healing your relationships
  • Breaking old cycles and patterns that no longer serve in your fastest expansion
  • Tapping deeper into your true self; shedding layers of ego that were blocking you from being in tune with your soul
  • Overcoming poverty consciousness and victim consciousness
  • Re-aligning with your soul’s mission on earth

Mental Health

My unique sequence of past life experiences has assisted me in becoming an intuitive expert in the area of mental health. I chose not to pursue degrees and titles or become employed in the conventional mental health field. Instead, I am guided to work intuitively with people directly and holistically. Mental health issues are always rooted in spiritual awakening symptoms. I offer the guidance conventional therapists and psychologists can’t by overseeing your experiences from a higher dimensional perspective and working with my guides.

I do not promise to banish any mental condition; I offer a perspective that can assist you in working with your soul’s natural healing and ascension process rather than fighting against it. I can help you understand what you’re going through from a spiritual standpoint and help you release resistant beliefs stifling your natural process of awakening.

That said, I’m equipped to assist you with depression, anxiety, bipolar tendencies, phobias and obsessive compulsive disorder. However, I recommend you work with me for 5 weeks in 5 different sessions (see my 5-week mentorship offer below) so that I can better assist you in your healing of these issues.

5-week Mentorship

  • $250 one-time payment
  • Five 1-hour consultations over Skype spread over five weeks
  • Sessions will be recorded (for your purposes only) and sent you to you via email afterwards.

This is an opportunity to deeply intensify and speed up your growth. By investing in this bundle of 5 healing sessions, you save $100. You can experience in a much greater transformation through working with me regularly over a period of time.

It gives us the opportunity to explore, enlighten and integrate more of your shadow self. It allows me the time to help you create your own unique healing practices you can use after the 5 weeks are up that will make you the most powerful healing force in your life. We will work together to discover long-term empowered solutions for any issues you’re facing. You’ll be able to test these practices and solutions between sessions and have me guide your progress each time we meet.

Clients who have worked with me in multiple ongoing sessions took more risks in their healing process, had more breakthroughs and became more in tune with their ability to heal themselves based on the training I provided.

Keep all this that was there but there should be a line break after “here’s how my booking process works”

Here’s how my booking process works:Review my calendar and pick a 30 minute or 1 hour session time slot. You’ll be asked to fill out your name and email address.
  1. Fill out your payment information and process the payment ($35 for a 30 minute session; $70 for a 60 min session.)
  2. Open the email that was instantly sent with your invoice and my Skype information.
  3. Get on skype at the time of your consultation.
  4. Consults will be recorded and sent to you.


  • Book sessions through the calendar on my website only
  • Pay 100% upfront via Paypal
  • Sessions done over Skype
  • If you miss your session, there is one free reschedule
  • No refund policy

Consults will be recorded and sent you to you.

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